Debbie Manners Celebrates 30 Years at Hathaway-Sycamores

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In March Hathaway-Sycamores staff and board members surprised Debbie Manners with a celebration party to mark her 30th anniversary with the organization.

Board members Annsley Strong, Larry Webb, John Drinker and Henry Matson with Debbie Manners (center).

Hathaway-Sycamores staff (left to right): Jeffrey Catania, Gina Perez, Jim Huser, Debbie Manners, Joe Ford, Jana Lord, Steve Shaw, Sam Gonzalez, Stan Rushing and Megan Aubrey.

John Drinker and Debbie Manners

Renee LaBran and Debbie Manners

For the past two years Debbie has served as Hathaway-Sycamores President & CEO. Presenting Debbie with a framed piece of children’s artwork, Senior Vice President Joe Ford expressed the feeling of those present, “It is our wish that you continue to inspire us for many years to come!”

Addressing the assembled group Debbie acknowledged that her current position is the most challenging she has ever had. She went on to explain, “I am committed to the organization and all of you, and all the kids and families, so I am ruthless and tireless in getting it right and getting the organization right. We do really good work at Hathaway-Sycamores, and we have been doing it for over 115 years.”

Debbie summed up by saying, “If you do this work, it’s always about the kids and families and the young adults that we serve. That’s what keeps me coming back.”

Before the cake was cut, Debbie was treated to some funny and heartfelt videos from staff who were not able to be there in person.

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  1. Rob Myers

    Congratulations Debbie!!!

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