Adoption Story: Shoshana & Violette

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On Oct. 17, 2013, Two Pasadena Residents’ Lives were Changed Forever 

Shoshana and Violette Puccia

Shoshana and Violette Puccia

November is National Adoption Month, and Shoshana Puccia’s adoption of a foster child serves as a shining example of the life-changing difference that one compassionate person can make.

“The minute she walked in the door, I knew that I was going to be her mom,” recalls Shoshana Puccia. Shoshana is referring to a fateful day two years ago when a beautiful, brown-eyed, 6-year-old girl named Violette was brought to her Pasadena home by a Hathaway-Sycamores’ social worker. Violette, who has a head of bouncy brunette curls, had been removed from her biological mother’s home due to heart-wrenching abuse and neglect.

Shoshana, who is single and works at Santa Monica Place as senior marketing manager, received her foster-parent training and certification from Hathaway Sycamores. Violette entered Shoshana’s life on Nov. 8, 2011; it was indeed a fitting date, as November is National Adoption Month. National Adoption Month was created to increase awareness of the urgent need to find permanent, loving homes for children and teens in foster care. Currently there are:

• some 400,000 youngsters in foster care nationwide, with more than 100,000 available for adoption;

• about 55,000 children in California’s foster-care system, with some 13,000 waiting to be adopted (California has the largest foster-care population nationwide);

• roughly 17,500 kids in Los Angeles’ foster-care system, and approximately 500 are available for adoption.

By adopting Violette, Shoshana is carrying on a family tradition; her mother has fostered more than 60 kids – three of whom she adopted. Violette was officially declared Shoshana’s daughter on Oct. 17, 2013. Now 8 years old, Violette scarcely resembles the malnourished and painfully shy little girl brought to Shoshana’s home two years ago. Violette has since grown eight inches and blossomed into a vibrant third-grader who is at the top of her class, taking ballet lessons, and enjoying monthly mani-pedis with Shoshana.

Shoshana says, “I love being a mom.” So much so, in fact, that she’s seriously considering again working with Hathaway-Sycamores to adopt another foster child and expand her happy family.

Click here to hear Shoshana’s story in her own words in the video “How to Make a Family Happen.”

If you – or someone you know – is interested in becoming a foster parent or in foster-adoption, please email or call Hathaway-Sycamore’s Adoption Specialist Susan Fierberg at (818) 398-7618.

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