Macrina and Miguel Gutierrez to be honored as “Angels in Adoption”

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Many of you are familiar with the inspiring story of how Macrina and Miguel Gutierrez become foster/adoptive parents of three young siblings – literally, overnight. We are happy to share their latest news; the family of five is headed to Washington D.C. where Macrina and Miguel Gutierrez will be honored as 2015 “Angels in Adoption!” 

Hathaway-Sycamores Foster Adopt Family“Angels in Adoption” is an annual award presented by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI). It enables U.S. Congress members to recognize constituents who have enriched the lives of foster children and orphans. The Gutierrezes were nominated by U.S. Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez of California’s 38th District.

Hathaway-Sycamores is raising money to send this very special family to Washington D.C. to receive the “Angels in Adoption” award on October 7, 2015.  Please click here to share their story and make a donation, large or small, to help pay for their travel expenses.

Macrina and Miguel’s commitment to keeping the three siblings together is admirable, and their heartwarming story has the happy ending the family deserves. Valerie and her brother Aiden had endured four foster placements. The youngest, Allison, had been in foster care since she was four months old. Last year the Gutierrezes officially became a family of five. “You can see how happy the kids are,” says Miguel. “They understand that they’ll now be part of our family forever.”

Please make a donation to support our efforts to send this incredible family to Washington D.C. to be officially recognized as the “Angels in Adoption” that they are! Your tax deductible gift will be used to pay for the hotel stay and airfare for the family of five from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. and other travel related expenses.

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The Gutierrezes are featured in Hathaway-Sycamores’ “How to Make a Family Happen” video. Click here to watch the video.

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