Grammy Award-Winning Producer Teaches Our Youth about Music Production

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Hathaway-Sycamores' youth visiting Augie Ray’s Hype Studios.

In 2019, we’ve had the privilege of connecting with one of the music industry’s bright, young talents. Grammy Award-winning producer Augie Ray offered youth at our Highland Park Family Resource Center the opportunity to participate in a music production class which he designed to be a window into working in the music industry.

Augie’s successful career began with the support of mentors who provided him with opportunities to explore his passion. As a child growing up in Northridge, he played trumpet and piano. A neighbor in the music business recognized his talent, and eventually, he gave Augie access to his home studio. By 18, he was learning the ropes under Grammy Award-winning producer/musician Warryn Campbell, and from there, his career really started to soar. Over the years, Augie has worked with artists such as Rihanna, Sir Elton John, Max Frost, Anne Marie and many others.

Augie is a busy guy these days. He runs his production studio in Los Angeles and travels extensively to work with artists around the world, but he wanted to pay it forward to the next generation. He connected with Hathaway-Sycamores to design a music class with one goal in mind: equipping youth with practical knowledge to achieve their goals within the music industry, while creating an atmosphere that cultivates their creativity and brings them closer to accomplishing their artistic dreams.

During the 10-week course, Augie spent every Saturday morning teaching youth skills by putting them in “real life” studio situations. Students learned best business practices, management do’s and don’ts, the many facets of songwriting and production, studio etiquette and the diverse range of career options within the industry. Throughout the course, they met with industry professionals and were able to hear their personal stories and experiences.

The students’ final project put everything they had learned to the test. They visited Augie’s Hype Studios, and collectively produced their first song “Running Around”. Students had the chance to get into the recording booth, lay down vocals and work on instrumentals. The experience was one of a kind. We’re so grateful to Augie for the knowledge he shared, the life lessons he imparted and his mentorship of each young person.

Check out more photos from the class, and listen to “Running Around”!

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