College Bound Seniors

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Emily Cardinas, 17 years old, senior at Eagle Rock High School, was recently admitted (early decision) to Tulane University and offered a $160,000 scholarship from the Posse Foundation.

She was one of 23,000 applicants for this national scholarship. Emily has been using the Hathaway-Sycamores Family Resource Centers’ after-school learning center for tutoring and computer lab time for five years. She started in 8th grade receiving free math tutoring from Simon Gee, who runs the learning center. “He was the only person in this area that we could find to offer tutoring in high-level math,” according to Cardinas. Since starting her tutoring with Simon Gee, Emily has raised her grade from a D to an A in AP Calculus, and last year passed the AP Calculus AB exam with a score of 4, and she’s currently prepping for the AP Calculus BC test. As a result of tutoring, she scored a 760 on the math portion of her SAT test, missing only one question, and raised her overall SAT test score from the 76th percentile to 93rd percentile. She attributes this success specifically to the help she’s received at the Hathaway-Sycamores Family Resource Center. “He’s a treasure in our community,” she adds, referring to Gee.

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