Ethan’s Story

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Life was spiraling out of control for Ethan. At the young age of 17, Ethan was a meth addict, on probation for drug possession. With both of his parents physically abusing him, family life was unbearable. Children’s Services stepped in and removed Ethan from his home. Depressed, hopeless and feeling alone in the world, drugs were his only escape from pain …… then Ethan arrived at Hathaway-Sycamores.


A sullen loner, Ethan had no interest in interacting with the other boys and looked for any opportunity to run away and get high. Eventually, his therapist Erica broke through his tough exterior and gained his trust. Ethan began to respond to his daily interactions with Erica and constant reinforcement of his strengths. He started to interact with the other boys, discovered he liked to cook and the boys liked his food! He vowed to stay off drugs. His attitude improved with sobriety and he realized he wanted to be with a family. Erica located a sister willing to consider having Ethan live with her and they began having trial visits.

With the hope of returning to family, Ethan’s transformation became even more dramatic. He went from being a follower to a leader at school, where he received awards for leadership and his academic accomplishments. He began sharing his personal experiences to motivate the other boys. Ethan even gained the trust of staff to the point where he participated in interviewing and hiring new staff.

In September, Ethan moved home to live with his adult sister. He still faces challenges, but filled with love and determination the pair have rallied together to become a thriving, successful family. Today Ethan and his sister are looking forward to a brighter future than either could have imagined just one short year ago. As Ethan says, “I can’t believe how much this experience has changed me and my family.”

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