Former Foster Youth Gives Back

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Having grown up in the foster care system, Chad Connor understands the importance and value a strong child welfare agency can have in a youngster’s life; providing stability and someone to rely on and trust.

Between the ages of 11 and 17 years old, Chad was a resident of several different boy’s homes. Chad admits to getting into a lot of trouble back then, but he was also a big reader. When he ran out of books to read he started reading whatever he could get his hands on, including design magazines. Chad says that this happenstance lead to his decision to study design.

When Chad emancipated from the foster care system he was employed at a furniture company through a work program. The same agency that ran the work program also paid for Chad to go to college. Chad earned his design degree from Pierce College.

Chad has stayed in the furniture business, and for the last thirteen years has worked in management. Currently, Chad is the Showroom Manager for The Sofa Company’s Pasadena store. Each month The Sofa Company selects an organization to be their Charity of the Month. The four different showrooms rotate who gets to pick the charities. When it is Chad’s turn, he chooses agencies similar to those that helped him. Chad picked Hathaway-Sycamores as The Sofa Company’s Charity of the Month for July 2011. The Sofa Company will donate $1 to Hathaway-Sycamores for each new person that “likes” The Sofa Company on facebook this month. So please help make a difference in the lives of those we serve by saying you “like” The Sofa Company on facebook.

In addition to being selected as their Charity of the Month, The Sofa Company also recently donated a sleeper couch and loveseat for our new Family Cottage where families visiting our El Nido residential campus can stay overnight. Chad truly is an example of paying it forward.




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  1. Laura Wood

    That is truly an amazing story! I spent alot of years at Hathaway, it was critical for me to be there as a child and young adult! So many people helped me during my journey there. Congrats to Chad!!!!

  2. Natalie

    Yes, a great story! I too am a Hathaway “graduate” and I am so grateful for the impact Hathaway made on my life! There are many more success stories like this out there – I’m sure!

  3. Nancy

    Yes, A Very Great Story! I am Also A Graduate from Hathaway, I can Truely say if it wasn’t for the caring and loving people there I would of never made it…. Till this day I have always wanted to thank the staff members from there… They where truely my Angels….. Thanks!!!!

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