Kafara’s Graduation: Overcoming Obstacles and Reaching a Milestone

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Among the many reasons we celebrate in the month of June, graduation is one of the most significant. It marks the completion of one phase of a student’s life and the beginning of the next chapter, full of possibilities. Earlier this month Kafara A., a foster youth resident on our El Nido campus, celebrated this important occasion by taking part in the commencement ceremonies at the Rose Bowl. Our team at El Nido were cheering as loudly as anyone in celebrating all that Kafara has accomplished to reach this milestone.

Hathaway-Sycamores Graduate

While all the graduating seniors on our El Nido campus have demonstrated their strength and adaptability during their last year of high school, Kafara has overcome extra challenges. In addition to the usual adjustments faced by foster youth transitioning into a new placement, coming to our residential campus in March of 2020, Kafara had to adapt to this new life situation with the limited social interaction and other restrictions brought on by the pandemic. Despite these circumstances and other personal obstacles Kafara has faced, his team at El Nido was impressed by his sense of resilience.  With the unconditional support of his mental health treatment team, Kafara has grown and matured to become an effective communicator with adults, peers and most importantly, with his family, whom he has stayed connected with while he has been at El Nido. Kafara has consistently advocated for himself and has always had an idea of his goals, rarely wavering from them even briefly.

Kafara has achieved so much in the time he has been at El Nido, and the truly exciting part is that this is just the beginning! Now that he has graduated, Kafara plans to go to community college, studying to become a firefighter as well as a business owner – ambitions his team is committed to helping him achieve. With his initiative and drive, we all believe he can reach his goals and that ultimately, he will be successful in whatever he pursues. If we can learn anything from Kafara, his journey and his accomplishments, it is that resilience is key and the only thing helping or stopping any of us from accomplishing anything is the person in the mirror. Thank you Kafara, for being an example to both your peers and staff at Hathaway-Sycamores, demonstrating what hard work, diligence, focus and faith can bring to each of us!

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