H-S Learning Lab Student Wins Gates Millennium Scholarship

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The good news at Hathaway-Sycamores Learning Lab keeps getting better. Elisha Marquez, who has been receiving services and working hard at the Learning Lab is headed to Stanford with a full scholarship from the school. Elisha was just notified that she also won the most prestigious scholarship in America, the Gates Millennium Scholarship. The scholarship will total about $250,000 and cover graduate school as well! This scholarship will pay for everything. Elisha will not even have to be distracted with work-study. Congratulations to Elisha and Simon Gee and his team at the Learning Lab!

Elisha recently expressed her gratitude to  Simon, “I can’t say it enough; thanks to YOU for all that you’ve done for me! You have helped make me who I am. I wouldn’t have gotten through my junior year, JPL, or the college application process without you. I am thankful for all the hours you’ve invested in me. I promise to keep in touch with all of you at Hathaway-Sycamores.”



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