The Boys at El Nido are Look’n Good!

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Last month, the boys at El Nido, our residential facility in Altadena, hosted a dance for youth from other area residential homes. A high priority for the boys before the dance was making sure everyone looked their best. To help out in that regard Joshua Lewis, the owner of Popular Demand Barbershop in Alhambra, donated his services and gave the boys haircuts on the house.

Joshua Lewis  of Popular Demand Barbershop

Popular Demand Barbershop ‘s Joshua Lewis

Besides getting awesome haircuts, it is Joshua’s wish that his example will help give the boys hope for a better future. The entire team of barbers at Popular Demand was happy to pitch in as they remember the challenges that they once faced. Joshua feels very fortunate that he was able to overcome the many obstacles he encountered growing up and was excited to have the opportunity to give back. Joshua knows that his own experiences helped him to relate to the boys and helped them to relate to him. Joshua was happy to donate services to support the boys as he knows the importance of being exposed to positive outcomes helps motivate individuals to strive for a better life. It was a great afternoon as they left the barbershop looking and feeling good and full of anticipation for their big dance.

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