Las Candelas Volunteers Enriching Campus Life

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Thanks to the generosity of the Las Candelas volunteer group, the youth at our El Nido residential campus celebrated the end of the school year with a tasty taco truck lunch on campus. Las Candelas members were on hand to help serve the meal and interact with the youth. After the much appreciated taco lunch each boy was given a Target Gift card.

For over 65 years members of Las Candelas have given generously with both financial assistance and their talent and time to help enrich the lives of children in need of behavioral health services. The Glendale-based group has been supporting the youth at Hathaway-Sycamores for over two decades. According to Las Candelas President Nancy Stone, they see themselves in a role similar to a PTA providing extra enrichment activities for the youth on campus. Typically they are active September – May and sponsor six to seven assemblies each year. The assemblies are educational and uplifting. Many expose the boys to different cultures from around the world through music and dance.

African Drum and Dance Troupe at Hathaway-Sycamores

African Drum and Dance Troupe with Las Candelas members at Hathaway-Sycamores

This past year the boys enjoyed performances of Russian folk music and dance, traditional Native American stories and music, Cuban music, African dance, and R.A.P. (Realize Anything’s Possible) – a group that uses rap, humor and crowd engagement to share life lessons about respect, perseverance and optimism. The boys were also treated to an assembly called Skateboard Science. In the program pro skaters entertained the youth with their moves and shared some of the scientific concepts that explain how the moves work.

Las Candelas members also plan special activities such as bingo and movie nights.  Next month Las Candelas will sponsor a barbeque and basketball game between the El Nido youth and the Altadena Sheriff’s Department. This annual event provides the opportunity to foster good relationships between the youth and law enforcement officers. Other activities planned for the year ahead include bringing a game truck to the El Nido campus and a spring job fair for the youth.

At Hathaway-Sycamores we are truly grateful for the members of the Las Candelas volunteer group. Their presence and support improves and enriches the lives of the youth at Hathaway-Sycamores. Las Candelas raises funds for their activities through a Spring Fashion Show held every two years. The next one is scheduled for March 4, 2019. Visit the Las Candelas website to learn more about this impressive group and their Spring Fashion Show.

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