Olympic Gold Medalist Visits Hathaway-Sycamores

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On a recent Thursday morning, the boys in our residential treatment facility enjoyed a special visit from Olympic gold medalist Inger Miller. The graduate of John Muir High School in Pasadena, and U.S.C. first talked to the boys about her background and then shared a video about her ’96 Olympic experience in Atlanta. The room was caught up in the excitement and cheered Inger on watching her story unfold as the video played. The group shared the disappointment when Inger suffered the heartbreak of not winning a medal in the 200m by a fraction of a second one day and reveled in her triumph when she won the gold medal in the 4x100m relay two days later.

While Miller (the daughter of Lennox Miller, also an Olympic medalist) is a natural athlete, it took a lot of hard work to make it to the Olympics. She told the boys about the long hours of training and described some of the obstacles she overcame including injuries. Miller stressed the importance of education and giving 110 percent. She pointed out to the group that even if you are an extremely talented athlete, you won’t be an athlete forever and it is so easy to have an injury that can end your athletic hopes and dreams. After watching the video Inger passed around her gold medal and answered questions. Everyone there was inspired!

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