Co-Occurring Services

Hathaway-Sycamores offers integrated dual diagnosis treatment for youth struggling with both a mental health condition as well as substance abuse.
The Co-Occurring Department has certified chemical dependency counselors as well as mental health professionals working together to provide integrated treatment to this population. The Co-Occurring Department is designed to work adjunctively and collaboratively with other programs in the agency to augment mental health treatment. The primary objective is for providers to refer to specialists “in house” and work with youth in an integrated team-based fashion rather than having to refer their youth to a different agency to meet their treatment needs.

For adolescents presenting with more intensive co-occurring conditions (defined as a mental health and substance abuse concerns), our certified chemical dependency counselors can create a tailored treatment plan that is in support of the  individuals mental health treatment goals. The treatment team can work with clients individually, in groups and in family sessions, focusing on emotional management, family conflict resolution, communication and social skills, behavioral change, and addictive behaviors. The treatment structure utilizes evidenced-based practice Seeking Safety to help clients cultivate positive coping skills. Groups cover drug and alcohol education, specifically the connection between trauma and substance use, and teach skills for safety, coping, and expressive communication. Additionally, all clients may receive a psychiatric evaluation and on-going medication support if needed.

For more information about Co-Occurring Department services, please email or call Linda Arbiter, LMFT at 818-896-8366, ext 8040.