Community Based Services

Community Based and Full Service Partnerships offer more frequent and intensive mental health and support services within the youth’s community. Services provided in the natural setting allow for the youth to more quickly reach their treatment goals. A team approach provides a comprehensive package of tools and solutions that allow children and their families to succeed on their own.

Serving Children Who are At-risk

Community Based Services is designed to serve “at-risk children” and their families, including foster families, as they deal with problem behaviors. The child may be facing the possibility of removal from his or her family or may also be confronting the issues of returning home following an out-of-home placement.

Focusing on Strengths

Community Based Services utilizes a “wraparound” philosophy that focuses on the needs and strengths of the child and family. Our mission is to bring a comprehensive package of solutions and supports to our clients that will allow them to reach their own goals and gradually discontinue our services. While working as a team with the family, we may provide therapy, look for the best school for the child, do research or work to enhance social and parenting skills. We try to utilize all resources possible and structure the environment in a way that promotes the successful attainment of enduring goals.