Family Resource Center


Hathaway-Sycamores’ Family Resource Center provides support services that include after-school enrichment programs for children and youth, individual and family counseling, academic support, access to community technology center, and other preventative programs designed to help enrich and empower families and their communities.


What We Do


Our Palmdale Family Resource Center (FRC) is divided into three components. Those components are:

Youth Enrichment and Activities Programs: These youth enrichment programs help our consumers socialize with peers, stay healthy, and improve their community involvement. Our Learning Center offers enrichment and remediation tutoring, supervised sports activities, free SAT prep courses, a free computer lab, and art activities. In addition, we offer a Mentoring Program that links screened volunteers with community youth for monthly enrichment activities throughout the County. With the support of their respective mentors, youth are able to experience consistent support and encouragement to help them navigate the challenges they face. The monthly activities provide youth the opportunity to venture outside of their immediate neighborhood and gain exposure to various multicultural events, museums, and volunteer activities.

Community Support and Empowerment: We partner with 12 step groups, early education providers, local volunteer groups, and neighborhood participation councils to provide additional supports to adults working to manage a chemical dependency issue; support community awareness through events, resource fairs, and parades.

Mental Health Services: Although this program is listed last, it is one of the largest programs at the Family Resource Center. We have a team of clinicians, case managers and a psychiatrist available to offer an ever-expanding array of services for children, youth, and families. Services are provided at the Center, family homes, local schools, or in community settings to help families mobilize their inherent strengths and resources to effectively address their needs before more serious problems develop. Our Family Resource Center is successful in empowering families to be active partners in their services aimed at strengthening their ability to resolve immediate crises and address barriers. The team is trained in Evidence Based Practices that are research based and incorporate qualitative measures to achieve the best possible outcomes for each family. We provide individual counseling and case management services to adults who partner with the Department of Child and Family Services to stabilize crises and prevent out of home placement for their children. We also provide Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for children 2 to 5 years old. This intervention is one of the most effective interventions designed to address behavioral challenges by improving the quality of the relationship between the parent and the child. It combines techniques used by child psychologists, developmental therapists, special education teachers, and family therapists to coach parents to increase positive behaviors through therapeutic interactions with their child.

How to Contact Us

For more information about the Palmdale Family Resource Center, please call: (661) 942-5749 or send us an email.