Foster Family Agency



Hathaway-Sycamores Foster Family Agency provides foster family homes and services for youth and non-minor dependents referred through Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and Los Angeles County Probation.

The goal of the Foster Family Agency is to:

  • Provide safe family home environments and developmentally appropriate, trauma informed and culturally relevant treatment
  • Promote corrective emotional experiences and healthy functioning; decrease emotional and behavioral instability
  • Implement permanency plans in family settings
  • Facilitate partnerships with youth’s birth or adoptive families whenever possible

If the permanency plan is for out-of-home placement, the Foster Family Agency will wrap the necessary services around the youth to ensure placement success,  promote permanency through reunification between youth and birth/adoptive family, or will develop long term plans such as adoption or emancipation, when appropriate.

Our agency is Human Rights Campaign certified. We also have a partnership with the RISE Project sponsored by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Our staff has been trained in LGBTQ competencies.  We are committed to the safety and provision of competent care to our LGBTQ youths and families.

If you are interested in learning about becoming a foster parent, please contact our Foster Family Agency Supervisor Zenia Canas, MSW at: 1-888-24-FAMILY (1-888-243-2645) or email.