Residential Based Services

El Nido Residential Campus

Our Altadena campus is located in a residential neighborhood next to a beautiful mountain range where youth and their families can access biking, hiking and other outdoor recreational activities.

Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program 

A comprehensive treatment program serving male youth, ages 11 to 17, Non Minor Dependents and their families

Our Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) provides youth-guided, family-driven, permanency-focused therapeutic services designed to stabilize behaviors so that youth can heal, recover and achieve permanency in their communities. All services are provided in an inclusive, trauma-informed and culturally-competent environment.

About the Program

Each young resident is assigned a full-service support team consisting of a Therapist, Facilitator, Peer Advocate, Community Wellness Specialist and a Parent Partner. This same treatment team will continue to work with the youth and his family in the community after transitioning to permanency, in order to ensure stability and continuity of care. These aftercare services can be provided up to one year after graduation on  an outpatient  basis following the youth’s transition back into their community of choice.

Other Benefits for Youth in our Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program:

  • Extensive vocational and independent living skills programming on and off campus
  • Access to recreational equipment, a large basketball court, music studio and an art studio
  • An opportunity to complete community service hours and gain valuable vocational experience in our silk-screening workshop
  • Participation in a structured youth council and the opportunity to advocate and contribute to the development of local, state and national legislation on behalf of youth and families
  • Access to a therapeutic garden for residential cooking classes as well  as fresh fruit and vegetables used in the on-campus cafeteria
  • A wide array of outings and activities in youths’ communities of origin to help normalize their living environment and provide tools that support ongoing success after transitioning out of residential care
  • Two family cottages that can be  used for overnight family visitation which is beneficial for effective family engagement and reunification services

For more information, please email our STRTP Referral Team or call Manuel Leiva at 626-395-7100 ext. 6312.

Transitional Shelter Care (TSC) provides 24-hour care and supervision, crisis stabilization and activities for children as they await placement with a foster care family or group home. This temporary shelter program (up to 72 hours) is for boys ages 6 to 17 years. For more information please email or call Leticia Sanchez at 626-395-7100 ext. 6234.