Therapeutic Behavioral Services


Therapeutic Behavioral Services provides a one-to-one therapeutic contact between a mental health provider and a child/youth for a specific short period of time. The contacts are designed to maintain the child/youth’s residential placement at the lowest appropriate level by resolving target behaviors and achieving short-term treatment goals.

Hathaway-Sycamores receives referrals from many agencies in LA County, resulting in our current status as one of the largest TBS provider in LA County. Families, friends and communities partner with Hathaway-Sycamores to engage in a “team” approach to developing winning solutions that achieve successful outcomes for the individual child/youth and caregiver. The team is made up of key individuals identified by those involved in the child’s life. Examples of team members include: family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, peers, clergy and DMH providers.

Team building is accomplished through a series of pre-service meetings and then intensive scheduled contacts with the child and his/her caregiver, with the goal of resolving target behaviors and achieving short-term treatment goals. By the end of the service, the caregiver will have interventions to use when the child’s target behaviors surface. Also, the child will have new strategies to use when dealing with his/her own target behaviors.

Who We Serve

The child/youth must currently be receiving specialty mental health services from a DMH provider. Qualifications for service include:

  • Youth ages three to 18 years of age
  • Young adults up to 21 years of age
  • Full scope Medi-Cal recipients
  • Current resident in a group home at Level RCL 12 or higher or a resident transitioning to a lower level of care
To make a referral for Therapeutic Behavior Services please complete the referral form and submit the completed form with the necessary documents to the SPA specific Referral Team. Click here to download the TBS referral form. For additional information please contact the Referral Team designated for your service area.