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Roshawn Davis
Roshawn Davis, Youth Advocate

Roshawn Davis, Youth Advocate

Roshawn Davis, Youth Advocate at Hathaway-Sycamores and graduate of Hathaway-Sycamores’ Transitional Independent Living Program, recently received the California Coalition for Youth Jim Levine Youth Leadership Award.

Informing Roshawn of the honor, Paul A. Curtis the Executive Director of the California Coalition for Youth (CCY) stated “I have personally been very moved by what I have read about you. Upon graduation from the Transitional Age Youth program you immediately came to be recognized as a leader and someone who will evoke change in the lives of others. As a young person growing up in foster care, you persevered in making a difference in your life and now you are sharing that strength with those you engage in the community you help serve. You have inspired many people with your story, personal insight and perspective on the foster care system, transitional living, LGBTQ issues and the specific challenges that foster youth and former foster youth face. Your commitment to helping raise awareness about the specific challenges facing the LGBTQ community is personally very touching and rewarding to read about.”