Story Pirates Visit Hathaway-Sycamores

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Last month Hathaway-Sycamores students from Madison Elementary and Longfellow Elementary had a special visit from the Story Pirates, made possible by private donors. Story Pirates is a nationally respected group of professional actors who work with groups of children to develop story ideas provided by the kids and transform the concepts into sketch comedy musicals. Their goal is to show the kids that their own ideas are amazing.

Story Pirates Visit Hathaway-SycamoresWhen the Story Pirates arrived at Hathaway-Sycamores, they initially facilitated different games and activities to help the kids with social interaction and engagement skills as well as creative thinking and self-expression. The games involved a lot of sharing ideas, and then acting them out as a group or in a game structure and encouraging each other. The second half of the program involved the actual story writing. The Story Pirates provided the students with some guidance and structure on what makes up a story and then the kids collaboratively developed the story.

During the writing process, Story Pirates broke the story up at 3 different points and then acted it out with the kids. The program ended with a final game targeting social engagement that the kids had enjoyed from the beginning of the program. It was a great way to measure the progress the kids had made in the group from the beginning of the program to the end. The second time around, the students were actively engaged, more attuned with each other, and willing to take greater creative risks.

Story Pirates Visit Hathaway-SycamoresThe Story Pirates select a number of stories written by the children they work with to perform for other schools and events. After their visit at Hathaway-Sycamores they hoped to write a script for the story written during our program and perform it at their next “Story Pirates: After Dark” performance, an adult show that takes place monthly at Golden Road Brewing Company.

Thank you to the donors who made this event possible! Without them our kids would not have had this fabulous experience.

To learn more about the entertaining and educational Story Pirates, please visit their website:

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