Movie Magic, Cooking & Art at the FRC Summer Program  

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Thanks to National Charity League, Inc., Glendale Chapter and a lot of great volunteers, the kids at our Family Resource Center had a fun summer filled with creative and educational activities. Hathaway-Sycamores Learning Lab Summer Program NCL Glendale awarded us a grant for summer programs and members also volunteered their time.  The volunteers worked with students to sharpen and strengthen academic skills to prevent the summer slump.  We also worked with two Girls Scouts who completed their Gold Award Project with us. Rebecca and Melissa Klein led cooking workshops to teach how to cook healthy meals and how to make favorite snacks healthier. Students enjoyed exploring foods they had never experienced before.

A group of local volunteers who work in film production led art classes and exposed students to different career paths available to artists. Students explored paint and colors using primary colors to create secondary colors with Mario Valladares. Mario also led the group in a paper mache project, sculpting with clay, and tie-dye. They created masks, characters, balls, and more out of paper mache covered balloons. In the clay play class the students were encouraged to think about their future selves and sculpt objects they saw in their future. They were also discussed careers they could pursue in the field, like stop-motion clay animation. In the tie-dye workshop the students created their own unique shirts. Hathaway-Sycamores Learning Lab Summer Program Ashley Snively taught the group how to make sun prints and frames.  She gave a brief lesson on the history of photography and shared the different methods used to develop pictures.  Ashley also brought in old cameras for the students to explore and play with.  For this workshop she taught students how to create a sun print using a negative from pictures students brought in from home.  The kids also decorated frames to display their pictures. Hathaway-Sycamores Learning Lab Summer Program The students learned about movie magic in a class led by Charles Latham and Kalie Acheson. They learned some techniques to age props to make them appear older than they really are used by professional set dressers in the movies. Hathaway-Sycamores Learning Lab Summer Program This was also the first summer we hosted the Summer Lunch Program.  We were able to provide free lunches to consumers on site. The meals contained an entrée, milk, fruit, and vegetables. Thank you to everyone who made this summer such a great experience for our kids. They loved it!

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